(445b) A Continuous, Integrated Electrochemical System for CO2 Capture and Valorization | AIChE

(445b) A Continuous, Integrated Electrochemical System for CO2 Capture and Valorization


Prajapati, A., University of Illinois at Chicago
Singh, M., University of Illinois Chicago
The heavy reliance on energies derived from fossil fuels has led to an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration air by over 40% compared to the pre-industrial era. The steady increment of CO2 has led to a heavy contribution to global warming and disturbance to flora and fauna. Therefore, it is urgent to endorse a carbon-neutral process. Integrated CO2 capture and production of value-added products is an attractive approach for leveraging monetary benefits from a carbon-neutral process. Herein, we report the development of a continuous, integrated electrochemical system for capturing CO2 and valorization to produce economically significant fuels and products. In an Integrated CO2 Capture and Valorization (ICCV) process, the CO2 capture occurs in a migration-assisted moisture gradient (MAMG) unit where CO2 is bound with an organic liquid and transported to an aqueous reservoir in the presence of an electric field. The CO2 valorization process occurs in an electrochemical CO2 reduction unit that utilizes a copper mesh catalyst and aqueous reservoir from the CO2 capture unit to produce value-added fuels and products such as H2, CH4, CO, C2H4. Herein, we report the effect of impurities in flue gas such as SOx and NOx, operating current densities for electrochemical CO2 capture and electrochemical reduction on the ICCV system. Since these parameters significantly impact the faradaic efficiencies of the electrochemical reduction reaction, a complete product distribution from the long-term operation of ICCV is studied using HPLC and GC.