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(296e) Spatiotemporal Features of Environmental Catalysts

Harold, M. - Presenter, University of Houston
The abatement of pollutants from engine exhaust involve inherently transient catalytic processes carried out in short contact time in washcoated monolith catalysts over a wide range of temperature. Development of optimal operating strategies and monolith designs require detailed understanding of the spatiotemporal features of the coupled reactions and transport processes. We describe the use of spatially-resolved concentration and temperature methods, SpaciMS (spatially-resolved capillary inlet mass spectrometry) and c-OFDR (coherent optimal frequence domain reflectrometry), to provide unparalleled information. Selected examples of their application will be discussed, including transient uptake and oxidation of long-chain alkanes encountered in diesel emission control and forced feed modulation for enhanced methane oxidation encountered in natural gas vehicle emission control.