(265a) We Can Use Carbon to Decarbonize—and Get Hydrogen for Free | AIChE

(265a) We Can Use Carbon to Decarbonize—and Get Hydrogen for Free


Pasquali, M. - Presenter, Rice University
Constraints on CO2 emissions are confronting society with multiple massive challenges: creating new sources of clean energy beyond solar and wind; electrifying our transportation systems and using lighter weight materials; decarbonizing the industrial sector; and dealing with the economic fallout associated with shrinking the fossil hydrocarbon industry, which accounts for about 7% of the world economy. At first blush, the solutions to these dilemmas appear to be at odds with one another. In this lecture, I will show that there may be a way forward that positively influences all of these aims [1]: Our vision is a zero-emission future, where large scale technology is deployed to co-produce clean hydrogen and carbon materials that house, move, clothe, and feed people. To foster this vision, we have established the Carbon Hub [2] as a non-competitive partnership of industry, academia, government, and non-profit organizations.

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  2. https://carbonhub.rice.edu/