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(222a) Keynote Talk-Industrial Internet of Things at Dow Inc.

The Operations/Manufacturing division of Dow, Inc. has been investing in Manufacturing 4.0 technologies since 2017, including those considered under the industrial internet of things (IIoT) umbrella. Data Science / Analytics is one such field. For analytics to be successful, several base technologies must be in place. (1) revealing measurements must be made to interrogate the process at appropriate locations and (2) powerful analytics models typically require data from various sources. Therefore, the assembly of varied data must be possible. Scenarios exist where pertinent data are collected by a third party; for example, a provider of services such as water treatment or equipment maintenance. These data need to be automatically sent from the third party into Dow’s data systems and ultimately fed into the analytics model. (3) The final base component in a successful analytics application is clear understanding of the user experience. We must be able to help the user realized what they will learn from the analytics, what they will do with that learning, how will the encounter with the model make their job easier, more efficient.