(168n) Gelma/Gum Arabic Photocrosslinkable Microcapsules | AIChE

(168n) Gelma/Gum Arabic Photocrosslinkable Microcapsules


Nagarajan, R., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mosurkal, R., CCDC SC
Orbey, N., University of Massachussetts - Lowell
Biopolymer-based microcapsules have been used to encapsulate pharmaceutical, food additive, and perfumatory compounds. Gelatin and gum arabic are well established as encapsulation materials; however, they must be crosslinked to preserve the microcapsule structure. Typical crosslinkers, such as glutaraldehyde, are toxic environmental pollutants. The inclusion of these chemicals complicates processing, introduces the potential for wastewater contamination, and increases the chances of worker exposure and accidents. In this study we present a photocrosslinkable microencapsulation system that substitutes gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) for gelatin, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals. The microcapsules are able to be quickly crosslinked in the presence of a photoinitiator using high intensity UV light. Distinct core-shell microcapsules with high loadings of active ingredients are formed and characterized. The effects of processing conditions on the particle morphology and loading are also studied. Finally, the long-term release potential of these capsules is demonstrated.