Chemical Recycling of Waste Plastics II | AIChE

Chemical Recycling of Waste Plastics II


Chen, W. T., University of Massachusetts Lowell


Khatib, S., Texas Tech University
Toraman, H. E., Penn State University

The rate of plastics production is currently higher than 400 million metric tons per year and is predicted to reach 700 million metric tons by 2030. 25% of plastic waste is incinerated and 20% is recycled, mostly by mechanical processes, resulting in downcycled or reduced value polymers. The rest is discarded into landfills and oceans, posing an environmental hazard. A promising approach to overcome the waste plastic problem and reach a “circular economy of plastics” is polymer upcycling, consisting in chemically converting waste plastics into fuels and/or value-added molecules. The current session welcomes any work targeting conversion of waste plastics to upgraded products.




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