Advances in Lignin Degradation Strategies | AIChE

Advances in Lignin Degradation Strategies


Park, S., North Carolina State University

Lignin valorization is a crucial theme in the biorefinery. It shows great potentials as a feedstock for producing alternative fuels and chemicals. For instance, its highly functionalized and aromatic nature allows its direct conversion to aromatic specialty and fine chemicals. Also, higher carbon content and lower oxygen content compared to the carbohydrate fractions in the biomass render it a promising feedstock for fuel and chemical production. Degradation of lignin plays an important role in many lignin valorization strategies. Recently, diverse lignin degradation methods including biological degradation, thermochemical pyrolysis, and catalytic depolymerization have been investigated for effective lignin utilization. In this session, we would like to introduce recent advancements and understanding of lignin degradation. The proposed session could bring up a broad group of researchers’ interests in the biomass field.



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