(744b) A Novel Flame-Retardant Finish for Nylon/Cotton Fabric | AIChE

(744b) A Novel Flame-Retardant Finish for Nylon/Cotton Fabric


Lessan, F. - Presenter, UMass Lowell
Xia, Z., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mosurkal, R., CCDC SC
Nagarajan, R., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Chen, W. T., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Nylon-cotton blend (Nyco) fabric is widely used by the US Armed forces for their clothing applications due to the combination of mechanical properties, comfort and low cost. However, Nyco is flammable and there is a need for durable yet safer flame retardants (FR) to minimize the risk of fire. Here, a novel FR coating finish is developed for Nyco fabric with synergistic effect of phosphorus and nitrogen on the surface. This finish is applied on Nyco fabric using a dip-dry-cure method. The treated fabrics are evaluated in terms of weight add-on, self-extinguishing behavior, and air permeability. Besides, the FR mechanism of this coating is studied by analyzing the elemental compositions on the fabrics surface using energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The FR coating provides self-extinguishing behavior to Nyco fabric at weight add-on of around 15 %. The results of vertical flame test indicate that char length of treated Nyco is decreased from 12 to 6 inches. The comparison of elemental compositions for treated and untreated fabrics confirms that the FR action of this coating was attributed to the phosphorus and nitrogen presented on fabric surface. Detailed description of coating process and characterization of the coated fabric will be presented.