(681c) Coupling CO2 Reduction with Upgrading of Light Alkanes | AIChE

(681c) Coupling CO2 Reduction with Upgrading of Light Alkanes


Chen, J. G. - Presenter, University of Delaware
The global CO2 emission has increased its atmospheric concentration to 415 ppm in 2019, which has been linked to climate change and ocean acidification. In the meantime, a huge reserve (ca. 16.1 quadrillion cubic feet) of shale gas has been discovered globally. While the prominent component in shale gas is methane, other light alkanes (ethane, propane and butane) account for up to 15% hydrocarbons in shale basins and are typically underutilized. Therefore, it is highly desired to identify catalysts that promote the reactions of CO2 and light alkanes. Using a combination of kinetic studies, in situ characterization and DFT calculations, we have identified several classes of selective catalysts that can break the C-C bonds to produce synthesis gas or the C-H bonds to produce olefins. We have also demonstrated the feasibility to further upgrade the syngas/olefin product mixture to value-added oxygenates and aromatics using cascade reactions and tandem reactors. In this presentation we will summarize recent advances and discuss challenge in coupling CO2 reduction with the upgrading of light alkanes.