(652g) Simulation and Analysis of Hydrogen Refueling System | AIChE

(652g) Simulation and Analysis of Hydrogen Refueling System


Byungchan, J. - Presenter, Seoul National University
Lim, Y., Seoul National University
This research aims to study the dynamic simulation of hydrogen refueling system and analyze design of the refueling station. The time a customer waits at a station is considered an essential parameter in its design. Currently, most of the hydrogen source is supplied through a compressed hydrogen tube trailer. The point is that the more hydrogen is supplied to the fuel cell electric vehicles, the lower the pressure at the hydrogen supply stage from the tube trailer, which affects the operational time frame of the station, until depleted tube trailer is replaced into fully charged one.

The developed dynamic model comprises the pressure vessels, compressor, hydrogen cooler, and dispenser. The results of the simulation were compared with the actual refueling station data in Korea. Also, this study examined the effect of the time frame with the variation of pressure vessels and compressor specifications and economic evaluation.

The simulation results matched the actual data well. When the suction pressure of the compressor (tube trailer pressure) decreases, the pressure recovery rate of the tank at the discharge line is delayed increasingly as the next FCEV arrives to refuel.

This study gives the guideline to design a hydrogen station in consideration of the specifications of the pressure tank and the compressor and economic evaluation. It will also help the operational strategy of the station.