(590g) From Cattle to Humans: Probing the Respiratory Microbiome | AIChE

(590g) From Cattle to Humans: Probing the Respiratory Microbiome


Verma, M. - Presenter, Purdue University
COVID-19 has swept the world with hundreds of millions of infections and trillions of dollars in losses. Respiratory diseases continue to be a source of health and economic burden in humans and animals. In cattle, for example, bovine respiratory disease causes losses in the order of $900 million annually. Managing these respiratory diseases requires an understanding of the underlying respiratory microbiome. In my lab, we develop tools for probing and manipulating the respiratory microbiome. In this talk, I will share two examples of such tools that highlight our ability to detect bacteria and viruses in the field, whether that is on a feedlot for cattle by using nasal swabs or in a clinic for people by using saliva. I will share how the use of loop-mediated isothermal amplification, colorimetric dyes, and microfluidic paper-based analytical devices simplifies molecular assays—which are typically limited to the laboratory—to allow on-field implementation. Since these assays detect DNA or RNA, they are versatile and reconfigurable for multiple existing and emerging diseases. The use of paper-based devices enables the potential for scale-up using roll-to-roll manufacturing to produce millions of tests.