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(400c) Integrated Capture and Conversion of CO2 into Materials (IC3M); A Multi-Product Technology for Ccus

Kothandaraman, J., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Saavedra-Lopez, J., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dagle, R. A., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The capture, sequestration and utilization of CO2 are needed to achieve the global goal of decarbonization. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has recently prioritized utilization of CO2 by recycling it into fuels and chemicals as a part of a broader negative-emissions strategy, though the energy and capital costs associated with capturing, purifying and compressing CO2 are often overlooked. In this presentation, we describe a dynamic and flexible technology that couples solvent-based CO2 capture with catalytic upgrading CO2 captured in solution to produce low-carbon fuels and chemicals such as methane or methanol with high atom and energy efficiency. The IC3M approach provides reduced costs while improving efficiency of detached capture and conversion processes. IC3M allows for multiple products to be made from a single solvent process by simply changing the reagent co-feed and/or catalyst. The ability to produce multiple products allows IC3M to change to market needs providing superior economic adaptability that single product technologies cannot achieve. We describe here, results from a multidisciplinary study that couples solvent-based capture and catalytic upgrading of CO2 that is captured in solution to make multiple products. We provide a discussion of the energetics and economics of IC3M and its viability in the global decarbonization market.