(356b) Evaluation of Thermal Conductivities for Liquid Mixtures Using Asog-Thermconduct Model | AIChE

(356b) Evaluation of Thermal Conductivities for Liquid Mixtures Using Asog-Thermconduct Model


Matsuda, H., Nihon University
Kurihara, K., Nihon University
Funazukuri, T., Chuo University

Thermal conductivity is one of transport properties relating to heat transfer required for designing chemical process. The authors have proposed the model for calculating liquid mixtures using excess thermal conductivity [1]. Using the model, the thermal conductivity for ternary system can be predicted using binary Wilson-TC parameters. The model can evaluate the thermal conductivity at high pressures using pressure-dependent TC parameters [2].

This paper deals with the prediction of thermal conductivity for liquid mixture using ASOG group contribution [3, 4, 5]. The group pair parameters for CH2, ArCH, CyCH, H2O, OH and CO groups have been determined using the observed thermal conductivity data. The average deviations for systems discussed in this paper are 0.3 % and 2.1 % for non-aqueous and aqueous systems, respectively.


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