(21b) How to Get a Head Start on Your Digitalization Journey | AIChE

(21b) How to Get a Head Start on Your Digitalization Journey


Companies of all types and from all industries are increasing their productivity with digital technologies. With the right tools, they have the ability to increase efficiency, security, and productivity. They can achieve this by taking a holistic view of existing strategies and identifying smaller, more manageable process optimization opportunities of the existing installed base. In doing this, they need to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart monitoring and data analytics. The outcome is a customized digital transformation roadmap.

It is relatively easy to talk about the need for a digital transformation from a high level, but when it comes to planning and executing the strategy to create the specific roadmap, it tends to be more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Industry 4.0 has now been around for a few years, which has allowed tried and tested approaches and methodologies to emerge that can be applied to pretty much any size company in any industry.

During this presentation you will gain the following insights:

  • How to take the first steps of the digital transformation journey
  • View of simulated business cases to dive deeper into the basic understanding of how to identify relevant, Industry 4.0 projects
  • How to best prioritize these in terms of resources, return on Investment, digital maturity level, and more.