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(212d) Data-Based Process Systems Methods and Applications


Ierapetritou, M. - Presenter, University of Delaware
Recent developments towards Industry 4.0 have led to focus in cyber-physical system, internet of things, and smart manufacturing that combined with the huge volume of data generated for the entire manufacturing cycle could lead to complete transformation of manufacturing of products. After the implementation of Industry 4.0 framework, both process and analytical data of the production line can be centralized into a cloud-based platform, where users can retrieve and visualize all relevant manufacturing information in the system.

Process Systems Engineering (PSE) already is in the center of such developments with new modeling frameworks and algorithmic solution approaches that take advantage of the classical PSE methodologies but also exploring the opportunities arising for the information involved in the plethora of data available. In this way we can look at problems that classical process systems engineering tools cannot handle mainly due to computational intractability of multi-scale systems, and new design and operations rules that characterize the new systems such as self regulatory structures.

In this talk the work of our group towards developing process systems engineering tools (models and optimization frameworks) towards this goal will be presented supported by different applications. Pharmaceutical industry and production of chemical using renewable sources are among the case studies that are considered.