(114b) Stimuli Responsive Self-Folding 3D Graphene Architectures | AIChE

(114b) Stimuli Responsive Self-Folding 3D Graphene Architectures


Huang, Q. - Presenter, Johns Hopkins
Xu, W., University of Akron
Qin, Z., MIT
Lin, Y., Johns Hopkins University
Li, T., Johns Hopkins University
Yang, Y., Johns Hopkins University
Yang, L., Syracuse University
Thon, S., Johns Hopkins University
Khurgin, J. B., Johns Hopkins University
Due to their exceptional properties and ultra-thin dimensions, two-dimensional layered materials (2DLMs) have been widely utilized in electronics, optics and drug delivery. Prior research has focused on integration with rigid planar substrates which can limit applicability. Here, we describe monolayer graphene integration with a flexible and gradient crosslinked epoxy polymer SU8. We demonstrate reversible solvent responsive self-folding and unfolding of integrated photodetector devices using these flexible substrates. Experiments are guided by finite element mechanics and electromagnetic simulations with good agreement. We anticipate that this approach could be used to create novel 3D devices using graphene and other 2DLMs of relevance to wearables, flexible electronics, photonics and biosensors.