Next-Gen Manufacturing in Pharma, Food, and Bioprocessing | AIChE

Next-Gen Manufacturing in Pharma, Food, and Bioprocessing


Yazdanpanah, N., U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Ferguson, S., University College Dublin

This session will discuss the emerging technologies and implementing emerging manufacturing concepts in the pharmaceutical, food, and bioprocessing industries. Process digitalization, utilizing big data, robotics and cyber-physical hybrid systems in manufacturing, modular and distributed manufacturing, predictive maintenance, supply chain management, digital twin, and application of new data streams in continuous process verification will be the center of the discussion in this session. The current status and future trends of Industry 4.0 in pharma/biopharma, food, and bioprocessing facilities, case studies, technological potentialities and needs/shortcomings, challenges and complexities, and quality and economical studies will be in high interest for submissions.



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