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Multifunctional Composites


Ding, H., University of Connecticut


Guo, Z., University of Tennessee
Chung, H., Florida State University
Luo, Z., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The next generation of composite structures possess smart multifunctional properties. The aim is to simultaneously embed responsiveness featuring mechanical, electronic, thermal, or other types of actuation/response. Optimization of balance of properties can be achieved by mixtures of nanoparticles or nanofeatures present in the composite, and morphology can be exquisitely complex. We invite papers exploring how composites can formulated optimally to be tunable and interactive in any application ranging from: sensors to ballistics, catalytic conversion of pollutants in the environment to microfluidic valves, medical applications to energy-saving window coatings.+++Note: this session will be sorted jointly with “Polymer Thin Films, Confinement, Interfaces”. Authors whose work falls under the scope of both sessions may submit to either.+++



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