Interfacial Processes at Biomembranes | AIChE

Interfacial Processes at Biomembranes


Farnoud, A. M., Ohio University


Beltramo, P., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Daniel, S., Cornell University

Biological membranes separate the cell from the outside environment and compartmentalize intracellular organelles. They are an important material that localizes biological interfacial reactions, interactions, and transport. The composition and organization of lipids, proteins, and other membrane-associated molecules regulate biomembrane interfacial properties and the processes occurring there. Changes in membrane composition, in disease, or upon exposure to intra/extracellular stimuli, can alter these properties/processes. This session focuses on interfacial phenomena at biomembranes, examined in live cells, artificial membrane models, or in silico. Topics of interest include biomembrane interfacial tension and rheology, fluidity and phase segregation, leaflet asymmetry, lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions, diffusive-reactive processes in the membrane, and biomembrane interactions with extracellular molecules and particles. Studies on novel methods to study biomembrane interfacial properties are also of interest.



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