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Chemical Looping Processes


Tong, A., Ohio State University


Lighty, J. S., Boise State University
Straub, D., National Energy Technology Laboratory

Chemical looping processes involve cycling metal oxides to selectively transport chemicals from one reactor to another, such as the redox reaction pathway with metal oxides to transport oxygen from the air to fuel to produce CO2 and H2O combustion products. The successful Chemical Looping Processes and Materials session is being held for the tenth year in a row to addresses advances in the development of chemical looping processes and materials for applications included clean combustion, renewable and nonrenewable reforming, post-combustion CO2 capture, hydrogen production, and other novel chemical looping technologies for direct and selective chemical synthesis. Technical presentations that address the following issues are requested: - Carrier materials advancements for chemical looping process applications – bifunctional catalyst and carrier material development for advanced chemical looping system configurations – gas-solid flow reactor designs and analysis for chemical looping systems – process material and energy or exergy balances for chemical looping systems - experience from operation of chemical looping reactor systems – process and reaction modeling of chemical looping systems – advanced reactor and carrier material manufacturing analysis and testing.



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