Catalysis on Low Dimensional Materials I: Carbides and Nitrides | AIChE

Catalysis on Low Dimensional Materials I: Carbides and Nitrides


Choksi, T., Nanyang Technological University


McCrum, I. T., Pennsylvania State University
Hensley, A., University of Toronto

There has been an increased focus on designing low-dimensional materials for catalytic applications in recent years. These materials display a fascinating array of electronic and structural properties that are distinctive from their 3D bulk structures. Examples of such materials include graphene, h-BN, transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers, MXenes, Xenes, layered double hydroxides, metal and oxide nanosheets, nanowires, 2D zeolites, and 2D COF and MOF structures. This session invites experimental and theoretical reports discussing the synthesis, characterization, and catalytic performance of low-dimensional thermal-, electro-, and photo-catalysts.



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