(650i) Gelatin Microcapsules for Multifunctional Fabrics | AIChE

(650i) Gelatin Microcapsules for Multifunctional Fabrics


Nagarajan, R., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mosurkal, R., CCDC SC
Orbey, N., University of Massachussetts - Lowell
Formation and properties of gelatin microcapsules are studied as a means of providing flame retardancy and insect repellency to fabrics. Various flame retardants and plant-based insect repellants are used. The effects of process variables such as stirring rate, pH, crosslinker type and amount on the thickness and the porosity of the microcapsule shells are investigated. Controlled release of the insect repellant is assessed by measuring diffusion rates into air at known temperature and humidity conditions. Samples are stored in a controlled climate chamber and the concentration of the insect repellant is measured using HPLC at predetermined time intervals. Thermogravimetric analysis is also used to study diffusion in the temperature range of 30-50 °C. Results obtained are compared with model predictions. Optical, confocal, and scanning electron microscopy are used to study the morphology of microcapsules. Vertical flame test is used to assess flame retardancy.

PAO #: U20-2002