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(614h) Nanoporous Atomically Thin Membranes


Kidambi, P. - Presenter, Vanderbilt University
Atomically thin 2D materials offer transformative opportunities for molecular separations. Pristine monolayer graphene and h-BN are impermeable to species larger than protons but the introduction of nanoscale defects in the 2D material lattice allows for the creation of size-selective nanoporous atomically thin membranes.

Here, I will discuss advances in 2D material synthesis and integration/processing routes to realize i) large-area atomically thin gas barriers, ii) fully functional nanoporous atomically thin membranes for dialysis based molecular separations, iii) novel approaches for in-situ growth of nanopores in 2D materials, iv) the development of methods to probe sub-nanometer to nanometer defects over centimeter scale single crystalline 2D materials, v) roll-to-roll approaches to fabricate large area atomically thin membranes and vi) atomically thin desalination membranes. Specifically, I will focus on the role of defects and associated engineering challenges with quality and scalability for electronics vs membrane applications. Finally, I will discuss our efforts to move these inventions from the lab space to the commercial arena.


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