(611a) New Carbon and Zeolite Structured Adsorbents Made from Expanded PTFE

Adegunju, S. A., University of South Carolina
Ritter, J. A., University of South Carolina
Ebner, A. D., University of South Carolina
Holland, C. E., University of South Carolina, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Sanders, R. T., University of South Carolina
Foo, G. S., Georgia Institute of Technology
Grasso, R. P., W.L. Gore & Associates
Stark, S. K., W.L. Gore & Associates
Hanrahan, J. R., W.L. Gore & Associates
Henderson, J. W., W.L. Gore & Associates
The overall objective of this work is to develop novel structured adsorbents from expanded PTFE (e-PTFE) comprising activated carbon, carbon molecular sieve and zeolite adsorbents within the PTFE framework. So far, structured columns have been fabricated from 5A zeolite, Shirasagi molecular sieve carbon (MSC)-3R Type 162 and BPL activated carbon. A nearly identical column has also been fabricated with the corresponding commercial beaded, granular or pelleted counterparts for testing under identical conditions. Details about the fabrication technique will be discussed including converting sorbent-PTFE composite tapes into spiral wound adsorber columns with minimal bypass of the gas mixture input stream. Also, representative results from four different experimental tests will be presented. These experimental tests include single gas adsorption breakthrough curve experiments for CO2 in N2, volumetric equilibrium adsorption isotherm experiments for column adsorbent mass determination with N2, 1-bed pressure swing adsorption (PSA) cycling experiments with CO2 in N2, single gas 10 Hz or 100 Hz volumetric frequency response experiments with CO2, N2 and possibly other gases, and column axial pressure drop experiments with air.