(600g) Carbon Dioxide Utilization through PEM Electrolysis | AIChE

(600g) Carbon Dioxide Utilization through PEM Electrolysis


Electrochemical carbon dioxide utilization can produce carbon-based fuels and chemicals using only three inputs: carbon dioxide, water, and electricity. This approach has the potential to monetize and reduce green house gas emissions by providing a profitable alternative to releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Large-scale deployment of this technology is key to achieving these benefits.

Opus 12 is developing a polymer-electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer for carbon dioxide utilization based on existing water electrolyzer designs. PEM electrolyzers have many benefits: 1) They can ramp quickly, allowing use of intermittent low-cost renewable electricity, such as nighttime wind. 2) They operate at high current density, leading to small footprint. 3) They have low capex, thanks to low temperature and pressure operating conditions. 4) They are modular and scalable, allowing for integration with CO2 emissions sources of diverse volumes. 5) They are operationally simple, with no need for trained operators on site.

This talk will outline Opus 12’s progress in scaling PEM carbon dioxide electrolysis, performance metrics and their relationship to process economics, and the market for industrial-scale deployment.