(552f) Interfacial Dynamics of Confined Microgel Liquids on Soft Surfaces | AIChE

(552f) Interfacial Dynamics of Confined Microgel Liquids on Soft Surfaces


Zhu, Y. E., Wayne State University
While much research has strived to understanding the dynamics of confined molecular and polymer liquids on a hard solid surface, the dynamics of liquids confined on a soft and deformable surface remains unclear. In this work, we employed poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) microgels of varied crosslinking density as the confined liquids as well as confining surface coatings. We analyzed the mean-squared-displacement (MSD) of confined PNIPAM microgel particles in the first 1-2 particle layers immediately adjacent to PNIPAM coated surface of varied particle-to-surface elasticity ratios. We observed that soft surface of low elasticity shows little impact on the interfacial dynamics of confined microgel particles of varied elasticity, where the MSD of confined microgels exhibits little deviation from their bulk behaviors. Such unusual diffusive dynamics on soft surfaces is in sharp contrast to the dynamic retardation of microgels confined on hard surface of high elasticity. Furthermore, we found that the dynamic heterogeneity of confined microgel liquids diminish with decreasing the elasticity of confining surface, which could give new insight to designing low-friction and lubricious coatings and surfaces.