(502e) Inclusion of Graphene in Polyacrilonitrol (PAN) for Graphitic Carbon Fibers | AIChE

(502e) Inclusion of Graphene in Polyacrilonitrol (PAN) for Graphitic Carbon Fibers


Song, K. - Presenter, Arizona State University
Xu, W., Arizona State University
Jambhulkar, S., Arizona State University
Ravichandran, D., Arizona State University
Zhu, Y., Arizona State University
Precursors of carbon fibers (pCFs) include rayon, pitch, and polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers that can be post-heat-treated for high-performance carbon fibers (CFs). To further improve the mechanical and functional behavior of carbon fibers, nanoparticles are included in PAN to enhance the macromolecular morphologies and their graphitic behavior in post-spinning treatment. In this study, we used carbon nanofillers in the polymer matrix to examine their reinforcement effects and their influences on carbon fiber performance. Two-dimensional graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) and one-dimensional carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were mainly used for the polymer reinforcement in polyacrylonitrile. We achieved the selective placement of nanofillers at desirable fiber layers to improve the mechanical reinforcement, electrical conductivity, and sensing behaviors. Mechanical tests, thermal, and electrical properties, as well as scanning electron microscopy, were used as characterization tools. Applications such as volatile organic compound (VOCs) sensing and pressure sensing were proven to be highly precise and sensitive.