(494h) High-Performance Self-Healable Elastomer and Their Sealant Applications | AIChE

(494h) High-Performance Self-Healable Elastomer and Their Sealant Applications


Cao, P. - Presenter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Saito, T., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Hun, D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Developing high-performance elastomers will not only benefits its current applications like building technologies, automotive and cable coating but also be meaningful in their potential applications including wearable bio-signal monitor, stretchable monitors and battery. Stretchable elastomer with extrinsic self-healability are especially advantageous for a broad of applications due to its capability of multi-cycle healibility and less reliability on external stimuli. In current presentation, we will discuss a series of self-healable polymer elastomer with well-tunable mechanical properties, and the healable scale will also be investigated using different types of technologies. Moreover, utilization of self-healing concept on the building technology like elastic sealant will also presented. The developed self-healable sealant show great promise to replace the current used sealant for an intrinsic self-healable sealant with prolonged service lifetime.