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(473j) Enhanced the Froth Properties in KCl Flotation


Wang, L. - Presenter, East China University of Science and Technology
In flotation, the froth properties strongly influence the separation process. In this study, the foamability and foam stability of new collectors (octadecylamine acitate ODA-A and octadecylamine formate ODA-F) and frother (Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether DPNB) have been measured by Dynamic Froth Analyzer DFA-100 (Krüss, Germany). The foam height and structure are recorded to evaluate dynamic parameters of the foamability, foam stability and bubble size distribution.

The results show that the recorded foam height versus time at various concentration of ODA-A and ODA-F. The octadecylamine modified by acetic acid ODA-A and formic acid ODA-F have foamability and the ODA-A is better. As the concentration of ODA-A increases the foam height increase and then decrease after get the highest height.The foam height, dynamic froth stability, bubble size and liquid contents of new frother DPNB and MIBC is studied. It is observed that as the air flow rate decreases, the Hmax (maximum equilibrium height) and Ï„ (average lifetime of bubbles) decrease. However, the concentration of frother has few influence on foam height at the concentration studied. The average bubble lifetime and dynamic stability factor of DPNB were higher than MIBC. These results indicate that in KCl flotation brine DPNB has a better foamability and foam stability than MIBC.

The froth properties were quantitatively measured using the DFA technique. With the modification by acetic acid, ODA have a good foamability. The new frother DPNB can get the more stable froth than MIBC.