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(441f) Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Metrics for Green Data Center


Dalal, A. - Presenter, TUV SUD America Inc
As Sustainable development and Environmental Stewardship are some of the key considerations for the Corporations around the world, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector is not falling behind. ICT Sector accounts for about 2 to 3% of Global Carbon Emissions.

ICT sector, being a very critical sector continues to play a very important role in the overall growth of all different Industrial Sectors across the world.

Advances in technology related to Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Edge Computing, DevOps etc. are not just some of the initiatives to improve efficiency of operations and business processes, but are also some of the key frontiers in reducing overall GHG emissions and carbon footprint of the ICT Sector. While the journey to Green IT is not new but has gathered tremendous impetus in last 10-15 years. Companies like IBM, Dell, Google etc. have taken several initiatives in adopting Sustainability and Energy Efficiency including Green Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and similar technologies.

With the above backdrop in mind, this session or presentation provides deep insight and understanding related to:

  • Introduction to Green IT & Sustainability
  • Introduction and overview of Green Data Center
  • Importance of Energy efficiency and sustainability considerations in the design of Green Data Center
  • Overview of implementation of Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Practices while designing Green Data Center
  • Key Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Metrics measurement and monitoring for Green Data Center
  • Standards and Best Practices Frameworks used for Green IT and Green Data Centers
  • Case Study - Green Data Center Design and implementation
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • Q & A