(352af) Thermodynamics and Thermophysical Properties of CO2 -Capturing Ionic Solutions for Air Revitalization

Mando, Z., University of South Alabama
West, K. N., University of South Alabama
Glover, T. G., University of South Alabama
Davis, J. H. Jr., University of South Alabama
Reichert, W. M., University of South Alabama
Swanson, R., University of South Alabama
The removal of carbon dioxide from recirculating air supply in spaceships is a mission critical task for NASA and a major area of focus for research. The current removal method implements the use of thermally regenerated 13X Zeolite with separation accomplished by selective adsorption of CO2 on the surface of the Zeolite. This technology introduces many problems to the closed environment of aircraft such as the production of dust from the adsorbent bed and the high sensitivity to humidity. Ionic amines are of interest for capturing CO2 due to their unique properties such as being viable post-combustion CO2 capturing agents, requiring relatively low operating temperature for minimizing overall energy consumption, and offering high CO2 capture efficiency.

In this work, we focus on the measurement of the thermal and thermodynamic properties of aqueous anionic amines including taurinate and homotaurinate salts. DCS and SDT were used to measure heat flow and mass loss for the samples at a variety of concentrations giving properties including melting point, enthalpy of fusion, and heat capacity.