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(334az) Layer-By-Layer Implant Coatings for Craniomaxillofacial Bone Regeneration


The overall goal of my graduate work is to use layer-by-layer film assembly to answer fundamental questions about growth factor-mediated healing of craniomaxillofacial bone defects. The aim is to determine optimal release kinetics for delivery of growth factors and optimal combination of angiogenic and osteogenic growth factors from a cell-free, synthetic, biodegradable scaffold. Current work has focused on engineering layer-by-layer films that release clinically-relevant osteogenic growth factor, BMP-2, in low doses over periods of time ranging from days to weeks. In this work, we developed and optimized diffusional barrier tools to modulate release of the protein from a degradable polymer film. We completed preliminary in vivo pilot studies which indicate that release kinetics may influence bone growth in a critically sized rat calvarial defect. We plan to perform a follow-up large scale study in the near future including microCT tracking of bone mineral density and bone volume, histological analysis to examine maturity and quality of new bone, and mechanical testing to determine osseointegration of new bone. We are also currently working to translate these systems to 3D printed macro porous scaffolds for rabbit mandibular defect studies. Our future plans include translation of the layer-by-layer film diffusional barrier tools to dual-growth factor systems and subsequent in vivo analysis to determine the effect of angiogenic growth factor type and relative delivery windows of angiogenic and osteogenic growth factors on craniomaxillofacial bone healing.

Research Interests

I am very interested in the intersection of engineering and medicine, with a strong emphasis on applications-based research. Specifically, I have really enjoyed exploring how chemical engineering fundamentals can play a role in drug delivery. I am open to new experiences and would be interested in a research & development role as well as a more management-focused track.

Relevant skills

Layer-by-layer film assembly, in vivo surgical methods, IVIS imaging, microCT imaging, histology, ELISA and other protein assays, GPC, NMR, HPLC, tissue culture, step polymerization


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