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(334au) Materials Simulation for Manufacturing


Santos, A. P. - Presenter, Princeton University
Materials simulation for manufacturing

Research Interests:

Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from particle-based simulations. The efficiency of the unit operations handling powders and pills depend on how those powders and pills interact and flow. Simulations often model such materials as hard spheres. Adhesion, cohesion and (sliding, rolling and twisting) friction are present however, and impact their rheology. Particle-based simulations connect those interactions with emergent behavior. On a smaller scale, molecular simulations have been effective in drug discovery, yet advances in methods and computational power make simulations well poised to address formulation challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Simulations of nanoparticle, amphiphile and small drug undergoing directed- and self-assembly give microscopic insight and design rules for formulations. I am interested in research that adds value by increasing efficiency in energy, waste and development time. I am eager to identify and support those opportunities as customer needs and market forces changes company value areas. I am qualified for such research because of my background in soft-matter and particle-based simulations.


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