(28i) Biomimetic Crystal Growth for Programmable Separation and Chiroptical Properties | AIChE

(28i) Biomimetic Crystal Growth for Programmable Separation and Chiroptical Properties


Kumar, P. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Non-classical growth mechanisms are a hallmark of biomimetic crystal growth [1]. Recently, bio-inspired growth has resulted in unique structural morphologies with novel physical and chemical properties. However, these growth mechanisms are often investigated as an after-thought, rather than a set of rules which can be broken at will to create the desired structures/properties. Here, I will describe two studies where informed intervention at the early stages of crystal growth lead to (i) record-breaking membrane performance and, (ii) hierarchically complex chiral micro-particles. Firstly, I will describe the engineering of one-dimensional defects in two-dimensional zeolite nanosheets as an extendable model system [2]. This study demonstrates the impact of atomic scale defects on enhanced macro-scale separation performance for xylene mixtures [3,4]. Secondly, I will demonstrate the art of navigating the free-energy landscape during the self-assembly of gold-cysteine colloids with programmable chiroptical properties [5]. Both these studies leverage the synergistic application of state-of-the-art characterization, computational and mathematical tools across multiple length scales towards a unified understanding of non-classical growth.

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