(276a) Particle Remobilization in Filtration Membranes during Flow Interruption | AIChE

(276a) Particle Remobilization in Filtration Membranes during Flow Interruption


Wu, H. - Presenter, University of Colorado Boulder
Cai, Y., University of Colorado Boulder
Schwartz, D. K., University of Colorado Boulder
Anomalously high levels of particles are often observed to pass through filtration membranes upon resumption of flow following interruption. However, it has been challenging to obtain direct information about the underlying mechanisms. Here, we employed a highly multiplexed single-particle tracking approach, which enabled the visualization of particle transport in microfiltration membranes under flow conditions that included stoppage intervals and therefore provided direct evidence for particle remobilization during flow stoppage. Our results suggest that during flow interruption, a sub-population of trapped/retained particles detach from their retention sites and may escape to less trapped areas through Brownian motion within the pore space. Particles that do not diffuse far enough during flow stoppage generally become trapped again upon the resumption of flow. As a result, the fraction of particles that are remobilized increases with stoppage time, since longer periods of Brownian motion permit diffusing particles to enter less confined regions of the membrane. This mechanistic information about particle transport remobilization will permit the design of filtration flow profiles that meet customized requirements for particle retention during complex filtration cycles.