(256g) Reinventing Mixing: Can we make industrial mixing more sustainable, agile and digitized?

Tozzi, E. J., Procter and Gamble
Absher, S., Procter and Gamble
Goudy, E., Procter and Gamble
The rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing brings new challenges to the mixing expert that could reshape how we think about mixing transformations. Sustainability goals demand reduced energy, water and material usage. An accelerated pace of innovation requires adapting fast to changes in consumer demands, with processes needing to be more flexible and efficient. Digitization promises new value from data, but solutions that evolved for manufacturing discrete, assembled products may need to be significantly retooled to handle complex fluids and mixing. In this presentation we discuss some open questions and initial approaches to address these issues with a focus on the “mass customization” market, where the challenges are magnified due to the need of producing very small quantities of custom-formulated products.