(162aj) From Biowaste Originated Nano SiO2 to Biogenic Graphite – from Scratch to High Value Product | AIChE

(162aj) From Biowaste Originated Nano SiO2 to Biogenic Graphite – from Scratch to High Value Product


Alatalo, S. M. - Presenter, university of eastern Finland
Lähde, A., University of Eastern Finland
Haluska, O., Unversity of Eastern Finland
Sippula, O., University of Eastern Finland
Mesceriakovas, A., University of Eastern Finland
Lappalainen, R., University of Eastern Finland
Nissinen, T., University of Eastern Finland
Riikonen, J., Unversity of Eastern Finland
Lehto, V. P., University of Eastern Finland
Carbon is a is a fascinating element enabling production of variable compounds and composite structures for different application. Synthesis of high value and profitable graphitic carbon materials from biomass-based feedstock remains challenging. In our recent studies, we have developed synthesis procedure to synthesize nanosized graphitic carbon structures from nSiC/C composite. All the starting materials were biomass-originated. nSiC/C composite was synthesized from nanostructured SiO2 obtained from agricultural side stream barley husk, and sucrose through magnesiothermic reduction. nSiC/C, composing of 3C- and 2H- polytypes, was converted to the graphitic carbon structure through Si sublimation at 2400 °C and atmospheric pressure. Graphitic carbon structures composed of spherically shaped particles 50-500 nm in size and sheet structures. The analysis of the electrochemical properties of the synthesized graphene-like carbon structures were comparable to the electrochemical properties of the graphite. and the rate capability analysis showed good reversibility of the specific capacity.


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