(161at) Tetra-Functional Furan-Based Epoxy-Amine Thermosetting Systems with Superior Characteristics | AIChE

(161at) Tetra-Functional Furan-Based Epoxy-Amine Thermosetting Systems with Superior Characteristics


Chu, X. - Presenter, Drexel University
La Scala, J., US Army Research Laboratory
Palmese, G., Drexel University
Current research in thermosetting formulations has investigated the incorporation of furan based building blocks in epoxy-amine networks through chemistries designed to achieve superior thermal and mechanical properties. This study investigates the structure-property relationships of furan-based epoxy monomers and the influence of functionality. Epoxy-amine thermosets were prepared using novel tetra-functional and di-functional furan-based monomers cured with a furan-based amine hardener. In comparison to the di-functional epoxy monomer, the tetra-functional epoxy showed a significantly higher glass transition temperature. Mechanical testing in compression reveals that both systems possess high room temperature Young's modulus (above 5 GPa) and high yield strength compared to traditional epoxy systems while maintaining high strain to failure values. This behavior is attributed to the presence and the interactions of the furan rings within the network structure. Ongoing work seeks to elucidate this behavior. Thermogravimetric analysis shows the furan-based systems possess nearly 50% of char yield, which promotes potential use in fire protection applications. The unique properties of the furan-based systems could be useful for adhesive, coating and composite applications that require high stiffness, creep resistance, and toughness.