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AIChE has created virtual meeting backgrounds for you to use in your meetings. 

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Have you lost your job because of cutbacks due to COVID-19? AIChE can offer you a substantially reduced membership rate that includes all benefits. 

CareerEngineer Job Board

Whether you're a young professional looking for your first chemical engineering job or a seasoned engineer looking to breathe new life into your career, we have a great resource for you. Check out the AIChE job board, CareerEngineer.

Member-only Rates on Insurance and Discounts

AIChE offers a comprehensive portfolio of plans from leading insurance and health service providers. Plus, you can get some cool discounts on computers, UPS and other services you might need now.

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COVID-19: What AIChE is doing about events?

AIChE is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for attendees of our upcoming events and we are actively monitoring the development and impact of the Coronavirus on the ability for all to travel and attend safely. At the top of every event through the end of 2020, we have a note with the status of the event—on schedule, postponed with dates to come, postponed with dates announced, or canceled. 

We recognize that the situation is rapidly evolving and that alternative plans may be necessary as the time gets closer. If the situation changes, we will update the event notices and inform attendees. 

Exercise Precaution and Inform Yourself

AIChE encourages its members to stay informed of the health risks associated with the Coronavirus, understand how it spreads, and practice social distancing. We follow and encourage our members to follow recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). 

Preventative Measures at Onsite Meetings

  • AIChE will follow recommendations for events from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the policies of the local government and city officials.  
  • Hand sanitizing and disinfection stations and products will be available throughout event venues
  • AIChE will communicate and promote social distancing and a “handshake-free” events 
  • AIChE is discouraging attendees to exchange business cards. Instead, we advise attendees to exchange contact info electronically.  

Relaxation of Cancellation Policy

AIChE has relaxed its cancellation policy. This means that you can continue to submit abstracts and register for our events, and not worry about monetary fees if you can’t attend.

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