Leadership Skills

Succeed in Business in Germany and Switzerland

Career Catalyst
Leonore  Clauss, Lionel F. Laroche 
Interactions with the Germans and the Swiss may seem easy, but it's important to understand their way of thinking and their approach to doing business.

Sparking Creativity

Career Catalyst
James D. Weith
Try some of these strategies to light your creative fires and to fan their flames.

What's Your Decision Style?

Career Catalyst
James D. Weith
Understanding how you and those around you make decisions is a first step in improving interpersonal relationships and team efficiencies.

Closing the Gap Between Engineers and Management

Career Catalyst
George Buckbee, P.E.
Work-style and communication differences often result in a disconnect between managers and engineers. Bridging this culture gap will allow managers to make better business decisions and bring engineers the understanding and recognition they deserve.

Keeping Global Teams Going

Career Catalyst
Lionel F. Laroche
Global teams can maintain their effectiveness by using the right communication tools, following good communication practices, working at building and maintaining trust, and taking cultural differences into account.

Unlikely Victory: How General Electric Succeeded in the Chemical Industry

September, 2000
Many companies that stray too far from their core business fail. So how is it that General Electric, a major electrical manufacturing company, ended up as one of the top U.S. chemical producers—with 1998 sales of $6.6 billion? In Unlikely Victory, Jerome T. Coe, a retired 40-year career employee...
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