Ethylene Plant Maintenance and Reliability Session

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 28, 2009
Fluctuating product demand, along with feedstock and energy prices, has resulted in a challenging environment for operators of Olefin producing...

LNG Regasification

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 27, 2009
This session presents papers on the advances in LNG receiving terminals and regasfication facilities in vaporiztion technology etc. Please Note : LNG...

Nano-technology: Fueling the Chemical Industry's Future

Special Section
Cristina Roman Vas, Daniela L. Carrillo, Mihail C. Roco, Mindy Rittner, Paul Holister, Tim Harper
Nanotechnology, as a whole, is still an emerging area with the need to make progress in both scientific and technological terms before enormous commercialization of products may occur. Nevertheless, commercial products are out there — more in some...

Form Nanoparticles via Controlled Crystallization

Reactions and Separations
Robert J. Fisher, Thomai Panagiotou
This continuous bottom-up approach allows precise control of the crystallization process to achieve size, distribution and quality goals, as well as realize the benefits of process intensification.

Save Energy Through Automation

Douglas C. White
Identifying the right automation investments — those with low costs and high impacts — can result in millions of dollars in energy savings for petrochemical plants. <br>

Hydrogen: Liability or Asset?

Reactions and Separations
Dennis Vauk, Ian Moore, Nick  Hallale
In a petroleum refinery, viewing hydrogen as an asset rather than a liability can lead to increased profits. The key is in the mindset. A typical investor uses money to make money. This article shows you how to use hydrogen to make money.
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