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Patent Update: Process Claims: Know Your Infringer

Patent Update
Henry Heines
Process patents are an important class of patents, as many inventions are best-defined, or most clearly patentable, as processes. In many cases, a well-crafted process claim can keep the most threatening competitors at bay and be highly lucrative...

Spray Nozzles 101: Spray Nozzle Selection

Back To Basics
Charles Lipp
Understand the two most common spray nozzle designs, as well as their basic characteristics, in order to choose the best nozzle for your application.

Avoid Bulk Solids Segregation Problems

Fluids and Solids Handling
Eric Maynard, Eric Maynard
Powder blend consistency can be difficult to maintain during processing. This article provides an overview of common segregation mechanisms, highlights key sampling techniques, and offers practical guidance on preventing and solving segregation...

Consider Recycled Water for Your Cooling Tower Makeup

Heat Transfer
Paul Puckorius
Many types of “used” water may be appropriate as cooling tower makeup. Here’s how to determine which waters are suitable and cost-effective for the equipment in your cooling system.

Process Burners 101

Back To Basics
Charles Baukal, Erwin Platvoet
Process burners may be classified based on flame shape, emissions, fuel type, and other characteristics. Here’s what you need to know to work effectively with a burner manufacturer when selecting a burner for your application.

Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Alan P. Rossiter, Veerasamy Venkatesan
Managing the energy consumption of a process does not need to be complicated. This article presents some examples of less-complicated strategies.

Select the Right Impeller

Back To Basics
Julian Fasano
The key to effective, efficient mixing is selecting the appropriate impeller.

Use Quantitative Gamma Scans to Troubleshoot Maldistribution on Trays

Reactions and Separations
Henry Z. Kister
Quantitative, multichordal gamma-scan analysis is invaluable for diagnosing maldistribution and channeling in distillation columns. The graphical tool introduced here is a convenient way to visually represent the data.

Minimize Degradation of Heat-Transfer Fluids

Back To Basics
Christopher Armstrong, Gaston Arseneault
The key to maximizing the useful life of heat-transfer fluids in liquid-phase systems is proper fluid selection. This article discusses the most common methods of deterioration and suggests potential solutions.

Succeed at Process Integration

Career Catalyst
Alan P. Rossiter
In the application of pinch analysis for energy efficiency improvement and process optimization, technical excellence is necessary and human interactions are important for project success.

Graphically Assess a Reactor's Characteristics

Reactions and Separations
Professor David Glasser, David Milne, David Glasser, Diane Hildebrandt and Brendon Hausberger
Use this technique to analyze reactor/reaction systems for which dependable kinetic data are available, or to quickly find the operating characterisitics needed for the maximum selectivity of a reactant.

2015 Official Chem-E-Car Competition® Video

November 12, 2015
Cornell & McGill Universities Tie for 1st Place with 5cm. In this video, you'll see highlights from this year's competition, learn how it got started and how teams power their...

Intel Announces 3D Breakthrough in Chip Design

May 9, 2011
Intel has announced new 3D technology that will allow the company to pack more transistors into small chips. You can have Mark Bohr of Intel walk you through the new technology in...

November 2015 CEP Preview

November 16, 2015
This month, CEP's cover feature is liquid-liquid extraction, and members and non-members alike can read the full article online. See the preview for more about this month's issue.

AIChE Journal Highlight: Tribute to Founders: John M. Prausnitz

Journal Highlight
Credited for his vision of combining fundamental molecular theory with practical thermodynamic applications in what he called molecular thermodynamics, John M. Prausnitz has profoundly affected the chemical engineering discipline. A tribute to...

September 2015 CEP Preview

September 8, 2015
HEAT TRANSFER Cool Down with Liquid Nitrogen Many low-temperature processes leverage nitrogen's cooling and freezing capabilities. Find out what methods are used in what...

August 2015 CEP Preview

August 20, 2015
SPECIAL SECTION: ENERGY Natural Gas: Opportunities and Challenges Natural Gas: The Energy Outlook Natural gas production is projected to grow in almost all regions of the world,...

Have You Heard of Wireless Electricity?

October 27, 2010
Think about it. Everything else is wireless. Why do we need cables to provide our electricity? From TEDtalksDirector : Eric Giler wants to untangle our wired lives with cable-free...

Highlight a Benefit: AIChE eLibrary

February 7, 2012
Quick! Tell me how Stratco has improved its sulfuric acid alkylation process in the last twenty years. Or design and specify a heat exchanger so it can put out to vendors for bid...

March 2015 CEP Preview

March 9, 2015
This month CEP features a look at lignocellulosic biofuels, from various production processes to what's needed to scale up bioenergy operations.

Water: Industrial Discharge Permits

September 6, 2011
Environmental management groups are cracking down on industries by imposing tighter discharge limits and making industries everywhere contemplate in-house pretreatment programs—...

BP Building New Houston Supercomputing Center

December 26, 2012
British Petroleum is spending $100 million to replace its current data center with what it says will be the largest supercomputer for commercial research in the world. The company...

June 2015 CEP Preview

June 16, 2015
Chemical engineers continue to earn more than the average U.S. worker. The median salary of survey respondents is $127,000 — a 5.8% increase over 
the median reported in 2013.

Cool Tool To Keep Your Time Zones Straight

August 19, 2010
Do you work with people in different parts of the world? If you sometimes have a tough time remembering what time or day it is where those friends or colleagues are, you don't...

July 2015 CEP Preview

July 6, 2015
In this issue, get tips for selecting sensors for your plant's safety instrumented system (SIS), a guide to mixing, some of the latest development in biological engineering, and...

Interpreting Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

August 24, 2010
With a Bit of Smoke, a Few Mirrors and a Degree in Hieroglyphics, Anyone Can Learn to Read a P&ID. This is Part 1 of a five-part series. Part 1 - Introduction Engineers love...

Video Tutorial: Degrees of Freedom

September 23, 2014
What is a degree-of-freedom analysis, and how can you use it to analyze engineering problems? Brush up on basics in this short video tutorial.

AIChE Journal Articles Make Wiley's Top 20 List

March 25, 2015
Articles from the AIChE Journal, Biotechnology Progress, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, and Process Safety Progress are at the top of the list of "hottest...

January 2015 CEP Preview

January 15, 2015
Special Section: Sustainability Sustainability Trends in the Chemical Industry The AIChE Sustainability Index provides benchmarks of a company’s performance on a variety of...

Entering a New Golden Age of Chemical Engineering

September 19, 2012
This post is the first in a series of 12 posts about who ChEs are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. 2013 AIChE president Phil Westmoreland looks at trends, considers the...

Mercury Removal at Coal-Fired Power Plants

April 4, 2014
Removal of Mercury from the combustion air stream at a coal-fired power plant is one of the most sensitive and challenging tasks of pollution control. Dr. Noah Meeks of The...
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