Evaluating Chiller Performance

Heat Transfer
Charles Churchman
Use these simple temperature and flow measurement techniques to evaluate chilled-utility performance and identify the most cost-effective upgrades.

Valves 101: Types, Materials, Selection

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Brian Gordon
The most common valves used in chemical processing are ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, and check valves.

Spray Dryers: A Guide to Performance Evaluation, 2nd Edition

August, 2004
Spray Dryers: A Guide to Performance Evaluation, Second Edition discusses the reasons for spray drying. These reasons are usually to produce a product with certain desired properties or with better efficiency than other methods. The book discusses how to plan in light of these objectives and gives...

The Case for Double Mechanical Seals

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Jack Berg
Using double mechanical seals as part of thermoplastic pumps can prevent costly downtime and environmental damage.

Harness Electricity to Operate Valves

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Justin Ledger
Actuators automate valves by converting an input signal into motion. This article explains the basics of electric actuator design and explores the different types of electric actuators.
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