Biological Engineering


Society for Biological Engineering (SBE)

SBE is a global technological community that promotes the integration of engineering with biology and realize its benefits through bioprocessing, biomedical, and biomolecular applications. SBE provides opportunities for interaction of engineers and scientists, develops products and services bring value to the broad biological engineering community, and infuses awareness of biological engineering among all functions and activities of AIChE.

Forest Bioproducts Division (FBP)

The Forest Bioproducts Division promotes knowledge sharing and networking on topics dealing with products obtained from forest resources and other lignocellulosic materials.

Enzyme Discovery: Screening, Cloning, Evolving

SBE Special Section
Glenn Nedwin, Per Falholt, Thomas Schaefer
Enzymes are nature’s answer to many industrial and environmental challenges. This article details the latest approaches to enzyme discovery and evolution.

Biobutanol – A Replacement for Bioethanol?

SBE Special Section
Ron Cascone
Ethanol, the leading incumbant biofuel, has several limitations.Butanol overcomes many of these, and holds promise as the next important transportation biofuel.

Integrating Single-Use Filtration Systems

Special Section
Holly Haughney
Disposable filtration systems are gaiing popularity in the pharmaceutical arena. This article defines the equipment, specifications, applications and potential advantages of single-use filters and ancillary equipment.

Scaling Up Research to Commercial Manufacturing

SBE Special Section
Erika Lapinskas
The production of stem-cell-based therapeutic products in large quantities is more complex than manufacturing molecular drugs. Scale-up and scale-out challenges arise related to the type of stem cell, cell expansion and banking, sterile handling,...

Mother Nature as both Doctor and Patient

SBE Special Section
Edwin N. Lightfoot
Once we have grasped some essentials of this riotous, but surprisingly well ordered world, we shall find our transport phenomena background to have real utility.

Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry: R&D to Manufacturing

October, 2010
This book deals with various unique elements in the drug development process within chemical engineering science and pharmaceutical R&D. The book is intended to be used as a professional reference and potentially as a text book reference in pharmaceutical engineering and pharmaceutical sciences...
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