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  1. Engineers Without Borders - USA -- Chemical Engineers Can Make an Impact in the Developing World


    Engineers Without Borders - USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership. In just 8 years, this humanitarian organization has grown to include 10,000 engineers and...

  2. Chemical Engineering: An Opportunity for Women to Have Impact


    As part of this event, WIC presented a panel discussion geared towards pre-college women describing some of the amazing opportunities for women to have impact as chemical engineers.

  3. Developing the Next Generation of STEM Leaders


    How can engineers and scientists best influence and inspire the next generation of scientific leaders? How can we reach out to the K-12 community to create mentoring programs that develop student skills and knowledge, and provide our youth with a positive view of the scientific and engineering...

  4. How the Chemical Engineer Will Shape the 21st Century


    The current global economic meltdown, along with imbalances in energy ecology and equity, imply that the fundamental backbone of the global industrial world needs reinventing. This reinvention must lead to a new relationship between human and nature, which is not extractive but enriching; and is...

  5. Media Training and Public Outreach: Getting the Message Across


    This webinar is designed to give participants general techniques on preparing and delivering effective messages for the public.

  6. Can Accreditation Help Engineering Schools Develop Leadership Skills?


    Top educators in the chemical engineering field will discuss how leadership development is addressed through the ChE undergraduate and graduate curriculum and experience. The panelists will discuss strategies for developing engineers into leaders, how these strategies can be improved and more...

  7. A Rich and Diverse History

    CEP Magazine article, January 2002

    This look at the continuing evolution of chemical engineering starts with reflections on the past.