SBE Past Conferences

2nd International Conference on Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development

March 9-12, 2009
As the underlying technology for making antibodies, therapeutic proteins, and vaccines matures, speed and efficiency become more important. This conference focused on developments (particularly new, "disruptive" technologies) that are the key to accelerating the pace and productivity of biopharmaceutical development.

1st International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering

January 20-23, 2009

From Benchtop to Bioprocess, this Gordon-style conference emphasized how basis and applied efforts in stem cell biology and engineering can combine to aid in the development of stem cell therapeutics and bioprocesses.

2nd International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering

January 18-21, 2009

This conference brings together researchers using quantitative approaches to advance the understanding and application of biology at the molecular level.