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  1. Apply Six Sigma for Process Improvement and Problem-Solving

    CEP Magazine article, March 2011

    Many manufacturing processes are not run as efficiently as they could be. The Six Sigma methodology provides a foundation for continuous improvement and for solving quality, operational, and other problems.

  2. China: Past, Present and Future of Chemical Engineering

    CEP Magazine article, April 2011

    The need to address ecological problems stemming from China’s burgeoning industrial growth is the impetus behind many recent developments in China’s surging chemical industry.

  3. Meeting the Needs of the Water-Energy Nexus

    CEP Magazine article, April 2011

    Water is required to produce energy, and energy is required to make use of water — the two are, and always will be, inextricably linked. Engineers must understand the water-energy nexus in order to manage both efficiently and sustainably.

  4. Reduce Your Plant’s Water Footprint

    CEP Magazine article, April 2011

    Water footprint reduction and water pollution prevention are integral to any environmental sustainability initiative. Use this rigorous, systematic process to conduct a baseline water assessment that integrates water pollution prevention and water conservation objectives.

  5. Identifying Corrosion and Its Causes

    CEP Magazine article, April 2011

    An important first step in maintaining equipment reliability and efficiency is understanding the various types of corrosion damage that can occur.

  6. Choose the Proper Level Measurement Technique

    CEP Magazine article, April 2011

    Match the appropriate sensor to the intended application for accurate level measurement.

  7. Nanotechnology: From Discovery to Innovation and Socioeconomic Projects

    CEP Magazine article, May 2011

    Nanoscale science and engineering continue to evolve from a scientific novelty to a broad-based technology with potential to transform medicine, productivity, sustainability, and quality of life.

  8. Nanotechnology: A Guide to Nano-Objects

    CEP Magazine article, May 2011

    Rapid change in the field of nanotechnology can make it hard to keep track of the latest nanomaterial developments. Here's a primer on the most common shapes, sizes, and compositions of nano-objects.

  9. Addressing Combustible Dust Hazards

    CEP Magazine article, May 2011

    Facilities that handle or generate dusts are at risk for explosions and flash fires. Follow this approach to understand and mitigate your combustible dust hazards.

  10. Implementing an IACS Patch-Management Program

    CEP Magazine article, May 2011

    Maintain state of the art industrial automation and control systems (IACS) by using these steps to support an effective patch management program and implement it with minimum risk.