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  1. RFID - Rx for Drug Security?

    CEP Magazine article, February 2008

    Some pharmaceutical companies are turning to radio frequency identification to protect against counterfeiting and theft of expensive drugs.

  2. Piloting Bioreactors for Agitation Scale-Up

    CEP Magazine article, February 2008

    This article offers guidance on how to design appropriate experiments to measure scalable data for agitation in both aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors.

  3. Avoid Chemical Reactivity Incidents in Warehouses

    CEP Magazine article, February 2008

    Use this approach for the initial evaluation of potential reactivity hazards in storage applications.

  4. Dealing with Climate Change at the Local Level

    CEP Magazine article, February 2008

    Whatever problems may be caused by climate change, engineers will be expected to solve them.Now is the time to begin addressing the issues at the local and regional scale.

  5. Use Spreadsheets to Estimate Modeling Parameters

    CEP Magazine article, February 2008

    Dynamic process modeling based on non-uniformly sampled data and multiple sampling runs, even for nonlinear systems, can be performed using spreadsheet implementations of the weighted-least-squares (WLSQ) and Runge-Kutta WLSQ methods.

  6. Eliminate Iteration from Flow Problems

    CEP Magazine article, March 2008

    This article introduces a novel approach to solving flow and pipe-sizing problems based on two new dimensionless quantities that are independent of line size and flow.

  7. Safe Handling of Heat-Transfer Fluids

    CEP Magazine article,

    Options abound, but operators need to balance performance and safety considerations.

  8. The Two Hundred Mile Club

    CEP Magazine article, March 2008

    Chemical Engineers At NASA Take It To The Next Level

  9. Grand Challenges for Engineering

    CEP Magazine article, April 2008

    Twentieth-century engineering enabled life as we know it. The National Academy of Engineering looks at what is needed in the future.