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  1. Biorefinery Process Economics

    CEP Magazine article, October 2005

    With oil and natural gas prices surging, bio-based feedstocks are becoming increasingly competitive. This article examines, in depth, the technical and economic aspects of the biorefinery concept.

  2. CEP: Catalyzing Commercialization - Living Plants: One-Stop Shop for Protein Manufacturing

    CEP Magazine article, July 2014

    Chemical manufacturing facilities housing green plants perform all of the processes formerly handled by stainless steel equipment. Production is energy efficient, fueled by photosynthesis, as living plants secrete raw materials (e.g., high-purity spider silk proteins) for downstream production and processing. Thanks to Wisconsin-based ag-biotech startup PhylloTech, this surreal vision may not be so far-fetched.

  3. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, July 2014

    Nanoparticles Detect Sulfur Content in Crude Oil; Putting Waste Heat to Work; New Process Prints Personalized Drugs; EPA to Cut CO2 from Power Plants; Microbes Convert Biodiesel Waste into Valuable Chemicals

  4. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, May 2014

    Stick-On Health Tracker Twists, Stretches, and Bends; No Corn Needed: Ethanol Is Produced from CO; Engineered Bacteria Turn Switchgrass into Jet Fuel; Reversing Evolution Promises Cheaper Pharmaceuticals; and more.

  5. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, March 2014

    Silicon Anode Gets a Fruity Makeover; New Anode Provides a Home for Plus-Sized Na+ Ions; A Flicker of Hope for Nonflammable Li-Ion Batteries; Bio-Inspired Glass Is Bendable; and more.

  6. Fermentation Fundamentals: Brewing Bugs for Bioengineering

    CEP Magazine article, January 2014

    A fermentation process leverages live cells to manufacture a variety of products. Choosing the correct host cell, as well as the optimal production equipment and method, are the fundamental first steps of these complex processes.

  7. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, January 2014

    Harmless Virus Helps Assemble Li-O2 Cathode for Batteries; A Sticky Solution for Tissue Engineering; Biopatch Catalyzes Bone Regeneration; Shape-Shifting Material Heats Up; and more

  8. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, December 2013

    Made-to-Order Materials Move Forward; 3D Photonic Crystal Stands Up to the Heat; Battery Electrode Acquires Self-Healing Power; GHG Emissions Decline as Power Plants Switch to Natural Gas; and more.

  9. SBE Supplement: Biochemical Engineering (Full 20-page Supplement)

    CEP Magazine article, November 2013

    SBE Update; Biochemical Engineering over Half a Century; Cell-Free Bioprocessing; A Fertile Discipline for Entrepreneuring

  10. SBE Supplement: Biochemical Engineering - A Fertile Discipline for Entrepreneuring

    CEP Magazine article, November 2013

    Many unmet needs lie at the intersection of biology, chemistry, and engineering. Future generations of biochemical engineers should consider applying their technical skills and experiences to addressing these needs in an entrepreneurial way.