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  1. Saudi Arabia’s Chemicals Industry Continues to Grow

    CEP Magazine article, August 2014

    Abundant and competitively priced petroleum feedstock has spurred massive growth in Saudi Arabia’s chemicals industry over the past five decades. As the Kingdom faces competition from neighboring countries, it will diversify to ensure further growth.

  2. Italy's Chemicals Industries

    CEP Magazine article, April 2014

    Italy’s many small and medium-sized chemical companies are crucibles of innovation, whose exports have helped the country to establish a strong presence in the global chemicals market.

  3. Argentina's Chemicals Industry: Challenges and Opportunites

    CEP Magazine article, February 2014

    Boosted by domestic and international companies, Argentina’s chemicals industry continues to grow as demand for its products increases— even in the face of challenges posed by feedstock availability and the need for increased investment.

  4. Switzerland: The Success of Its Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Industries

    CEP Magazine article, December 2013

    The strong international presence of Switzerland’s chemicals industries — characterized by a major export market and substantial investment in its companies abroad — has helped to make the Swiss chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries among the world’s most successful.

  5. Nigeria: Chemical Engineering—Development, Challenges, and Prospects

    CEP Magazine article, June 2013

    Nigeria is a nation endowed with abundant natural resources and engineering talent. Current policy and reforms in the downstream and natural gas sectors are expected to boost Nigeria’s economy and restore growth and vibrancy to its chemical process industries.

  6. Singapore’s Chemicals Industry: Engineering an Island

    CEP Magazine article, April 2013

    The chemicals industry is a pillar of Singapore’s economic success. The island city-state’s emergence as a chemical industry leader has been boosted by investment in infrastructure and the creation of an industrial island complex.

  7. Denmark’s Chemicals Industry: Progress and Challenges

    CEP Magazine article, February 2013

    Denmark’s chemicals industry is characterized by a variety of innovative companies, especially in the life sciences. To remain competitive, these companies must continue to invest in innovation, and the country’s universities must fill a growing need for highly educated engineering professionals.

  8. Global Relationships Take Center Stage at the 2012 Annual Meeting

    CEP Magazine article, January 2013

    In support of its strategic mission to become a global organization of chemical engineering practitioners, AIChE hosted three joint international symposia at the 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting held in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 28 to Nov. 2. AIChE joined with the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE...

  9. United Kingdom: The Evolution of its Chemicals Industry

    CEP Magazine article, December 2012

    Rumors of the demise of the U.K. chemicals industry are greatly exaggerated.

  10. México's Chemical Industry: Evolution, Challenges, and Perspectives

    CEP Magazine article, October 2012

    New investments in industry and raw materials, as well as the modernization of infrastructures and industry practices, can help to reverse México's growing trade deficit and restore the health of its chemical industry.